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Chicken Blend


80% Muscle Meat / 10% Edible Bone / 10% Organs

INGREDIENTS : Chicken, Beef Heart & Liver, Chicken Necks

  • Meal plans are portioned by the day. Give half for breakfast and the other half for dinner. Always keep 2-3 containers in the refrigerator and the rest go in the freezer. 

     Cat Size Daily Serving Weekly Serving 
    Small Kitty (Under 12 lbs.)

    4 oz

    (.25 lb) 

    28 oz

    (1.75 lb)

    Big Kitty (Under 25 lbs.)

    8 oz

    (.5 lb)

    56 oz

    (3.5 lb)

    Note: Never microwave food
  • TRANSITIONING: Cats need to go through a detox / transitioning period when they first switch to raw food. Here are some helpful tips!

    • Stop free feeding them and implement set meal times 2-3 times a day.
    • Start with one protein source (chicken is a good option).
    • Try fasting them for half a day before feeding them (never exceed over 24 hours).
    • Option 1: Cold Turkey Switch
      • Immediately start feeding raw
    • Option 2: Gradual Switch
      • Follow the chart below
      • Additional Toppings (if needed): parmesan cheese, fish flakes, bone broth, canned tuna. Make your best judgment and slowly wean them off.

    Learn More About Detox

USDA Human Grade

All of our meals are created with 100% USDA human grade meat, poultry or seafood.

Fresh Organics

All of our fruit, vegetables and herbs are 100% USDA organic.


Locked-in freshness, meals packed in airtight PET recyclable containers & delivered frozen.