TRANSITIONING: Dogs need to go through a detox / transitioning period when they first switch to raw food. Here are some helpful tips!

  • Stop free feeding them and implement set meal times 1-2 times a day.
  • Fast your dog for a whole day to clear out any left-over kibble.
  • Option 1: Cold Turkey Switch (Recommended)
    • Immediately start feeding your dog raw.
    • Some dogs will eat the raw food right away, but for the picky eaters, you can continue to fast them. Put their food down and wait about 15 minutes, if they do not eat it just put it back in the refrigerator and try again later.
    • Dogs can go days without eating so do not feel bad if they are not eating. They will eat once they are hungry. (Note: During this period do not give them any treats)
  • Option 2: Gradual Switch 
    • We don't recommend this option because raw food and kibble are digested differently and can cause some tummy issues.
    • However, there are some situations where a gradual switch might be a better option.
    • Examples: Elderly dogs, dogs with sensitive stomachs and super picky eaters.
    • For gradual transitions please follow the chart below. 

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