How much food should I serve my pet?

We have created an easy feeding guide making it easy for customers to know exactly how much feed their pet. You can always modify how much food to give your pet depending on their activity level and amount of daily treats. For puppies and kittens, their meals should be based off their full adult size weight.
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Can I cook the food or do I have to serve it raw?

Our meals are recommended to be served raw because that’s how carnivores were designed to eat. Some people have trouble making the switch and prefer to have their food cooked. Cooking the food is not ideal, but it is far better than serving kibble or cans. To cook, we advise you to lightly heat the food in a little water and keep the temperature under 115 degrees; this ensures that all the live enzymes are still intact. Please NEVER microwave! The process by which the heating occurs destroys all the nutrients in the food and renders it useless.

How do I thaw the frozen food?

Thawing your food can be done in two different ways.

Refrigerator Thawing (Recommended Way):
 Please put the container in the refrigerator and allow 1-2 days to thaw.

Cold Water Thawing: If you forget to thaw your pet’s meal in the refrigerator and need it right away, you can put the container in a bowl of COLD water. Allow up to 20-30 minutes to thaw. (Note: When using this thawing technique, please pay attention to how long you leave the container out. Raw food that is left out for long periods of time that reach temperatures higher than 40 F will start to acquire bacteria growing. A good tip would be to set an alarm.)

Can I mix raw food with my current dry food?

We recommended to not mix dry food with raw food because they are completely different things. When transitioning your pet to raw food you may find your dog or cat being skeptical about eating the raw meat, at this time you may mix in some kibble or sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top. Eventually, your pet will only want and crave raw meat. Please do not switch back and forth from a raw and dry food diet, this can be harmful to their digestive system.

What's the recommended feeding routine?

Our meal plans were designed to be purchased and consumed on a weekly basis. One week’s worth of food =  14 meals. Depending on the size of your dog or cat, meals will be packed into different sized containers holding one day’s worth of food per container. Meals are delivered frozen, so always make sure to put two days worth of food in the refrigerator when you receive your shipment, the rest go in the freezer. Each night after dinner we recommend putting one container in the refrigerator for perfect thawing.


What ingredients do you use?

100% USDA human grade meats, poultry, and seafood. All are hormone, antibiotic free and free of preservatives, colors, artificial flavors and fillers. 100% organic fruits & vegetables.

Is raw food safe to feed my pet?

YES! As long as the meat is properly handled and kept fresh, then it is 100% safe for your dog or cat to eat. Dogs and cats are carnivores, making them natural born meat eaters, so a raw diet is the best diet they can be eating.

What are the health benefits of feeding my dog/cat a raw diet?

After transitioning your pet to a raw diet you will see immediate changes within the first couple weeks.

Benefits of Raw Dieting

Reduces Allergy & Health Issues
Shinier, Healthier Coats & Skin
Promotes Good Dental Health
Better Weight Control
Improves Digestion
Reduced Behavioral Problems
Increased Mobility
More stamina & Energy

My dog/cat has never eaten raw food, will they get sick?

No. The detox period is the only time when your dog/cat may seem sick, but rest assure they are just detoxing. Detoxing is the same for animals as it is for humans, it’s the body cleansing and ridding itself from toxic or unhealthy substances. DETOX IS NOT YOUR PET GETTING SICK! Read more about detoxing.

Why is variety important?

Just like humans, dogs and cats receive certain nutritional benefits from different food sources. For dogs and cats to reach their optimal health potential, they need to have a well-rounded and balanced diet. When transitioning to RAW we recommend starting off with chicken or turkey and then introduce more variety as their body adjusts to the new diet.