Why Choose a Raw Diet?

Why Choose a Raw Diet?

As leaders in the animal health industry who know the importance of nutrition for healing, we get asked this question daily. Interestingly enough, most pet owners already are aware of the answer. It’s actually in our DNA! It is inherently programmed that the closer to nature’s pattern in an animals’ diet, the healthier they will be.

First, let’s take a look at it scientifically. Nature has always provided everything for all creatures on this planet in order to live, thrive, procreate and survive. In the thousands of years of recorded history, there haven’t been any new species created. This means that every animal species existing today has survived thousands of years without being introduced to processed foods. Canines and felines, both carnivores, still have that ability to hunt and thrive in the wild. When our domesticated companions escape or are dumped into the wild, most of them quickly adapt back to their natural origins. Yes, they are more likely to have more daily challenges when we are not aiding them; however, the natural system provides survival.

A carnivore has a digestive system designed specifically to digest and convert animal-based foods into metabolic energy. Herbivores like cows and sheep are designed to do the same with grasses and vegetation. Food companies do not take this same view as their approach is from a profit motive. To them, a protein is the same regardless of the source and they are not worried about the nutritional content or bioavailability of those nutrients.

Observe the practical and economical side being that the dogs and cats simply require meat and fish. Is it possible for pet food manufacturers to use the same ‘human quality’ meats that we purchase in the supermarket at $5.00 a pound, cook it, process it, add vitamins and preservatives, package, ship, distribute and retail it for a mere 45 cents a pound? After all, isn’t that what the advertising and packaging imply?

The simple truth is feeding a species appropriate raw food diet will cost you the same or less than a premium kibble pet food. Because of the raw foods’ metabolic density, your pet will eat much less. The focused metabolic energy builds the immune system, keeps your pet healthier saving you money on flea and tick control as well as other veterinary expenses. Healthy animals naturally repel parasites and heal themselves when minor challenges arise.

The truth be told, if you want to see results, ask pet owners that have already chosen the raw and natural! Observe their pets with the healthy, shiny coats at the dog park or the local dog deli. Better yet, find the natural rearing breeders that have generations of pets living and thriving naturally. 

Reduces Allergy & Health Issues
Shinier, Healthier Coats & Skin
Promotes Good Dental Health
Better Weight Control
Improves Digestion
Reduced Behavioral Problems
Increased Mobility
More Stamina & Energy

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