Top 5 Benefits of CBD for Pets!

Top 5 Benefits of CBD for Pets!

By: Mario Paciaffi 

I take my pet’s health just as serious as I take my own. Just as I try and get exercise, eat right, and use the best supplements, I make sure my dog does too! Maintaining a healthy diet along with daily exercise is a must for us, but so is making sure we get our daily dose of healthy supplements. I personally have been using marijuana for its medical benefits for several years. My dog Yager had never indulged in the plant, until recently.

A friend turned me on to the benefits of CBD oil for pets. My first thought was that I was uncomfortable giving my pet a marijuana product. However, after doing some of my own research I found that CBD was 100% legal with zero side effects. It also does not have any psychological effects so your dog won't get high! We have been blown away by the results and are blown away by what we learn about CBD every day. Here the top five benefits CBD has on pets.

CBD Oil Reduces Anxiety!

CBD has been studied extensively when it comes to fighting anxiety in pets. It can be used to fight anxiety that is related to posttraumatic stress disorder. CBD can be especially helpful for pets that have been rescued. It will also prove useful for dogs that have separation anxiety. No more coming home to your couch being half eaten.

CBD Oil Can Fight Cancer!

There is evidence that indicates that CBD has a positive effect on cancerous tumors in pets. CBD kills the cancer cells by blocking their ability to produce energy. CBD can even stop cancer cells from growing! CBD will boost the immune system which will kill the cancer cells, and it also helps increase the efficacy of conventional cancer treatment.

CBD Oil Can Stop Seizures!

Another great benefit of CBD is that it can treat, and in some cases eliminate Seizures. Narcotics like Phenobarbital, are commonly used to treat Seizures. Unfortunately, this treatment has some horrible side effects. CBD is a very effective natural alternative. Side effects from CBD are extremely rare. CBD for seizures in dogs is typically administered orally. 9 out of 10 dogs that were put on Prana Pets CBD Oil saw a reduction in seizure frequency and intensity.

CBD Oil Relieves Pain!

CBD works tremendously to combat forms of chronic pain. Just as CBD works wonders for pain and inflammation in humans, it does the same for dogs. Senior dogs, in particular, are plagued with Joint Pain. CBD will do a great job of eliminating any pain whatsoever, and help your pet get around comfortably.

CBD Promotes Cardiovascular Health!

CBD can also improve heart health. It has been shown that CBD can reduce damage from irregular heart rate, protect blood vessels from damage and dilate arteries. It can also reduce heart rate and blood pressure that comes with stress and anxiety.


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